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Signs of Car Symptoms Should be 'Spooring' and 'Balancing'

The terms spooring and balancing must have been familiar to car owners. Because it is a ritual to ensure the legs of the vehicle in good condition.

Spooring itself is a process to straighten the position or angle of four wheels of the car as the beginning, according to factory settings. It is the two front wheels that will normally be aligned and arranged to get back to normal.

While balancing is an effort to keep the balance on the top-down or left-right of the wheel. This process is usually done after spooring done.

The activity is also mandatory and should be done regularly like regular service vehicles. Especially as a rider we already feel uncomfortable while driving. There is a sign of the vehicle should get spooring and balancing.

Daihatsu Workshop Chair Prince Jayakarta Dolf Valentino explained the initial symptoms are the driver will feel the vibration on the steering wheel.

"Symptoms will arise in the steering wheel at a certain speed, so also for the body of the vehicle will move at a certain speed," said Dolf told, Sunday (8/4).

Then another symptom, namely when the car should go straight but feels moving toward the left or right. This triggers an accident.

Because of that, Dolf suggests doing spooring and balancing every 10 thousand miles or six months.

Then the sign of the car should be spooring is when the car parked in a flat place and the wheels stand tilted not straight. Under such conditions, the owner of the car must make sure the tire's wind pressure has the same pressure. If all the same, it means the owner must immediately to the garage.

"If you follow routine maintenance with a schedule per 10 thousand kilometers or six months, all check our vehicles yes," lid Dolf.

This is the first Honda Gallery in the world

A collaboration of two Honda opened the first Honda Gallery in the world located in the shopping center Senayan City, Central Jakarta.

This gallery is a philosophy of "The Power of Dreams" from Honda by displaying the highest technological achievements in terms of product, technology, and innovation of Honda.

Honda Gallery which will stand for three months ahead that displays two Honda cars, namely NSX and Civic Type R and Honda premium motor, the RC213V-S and unique and interactive wall.

The inauguration ceremony of the Honda Gallery was attended by Takehiro Watanabe as President Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor, Toshiyuki Inuma as President Director of PT Astra Honda Motor.

Also present are Megawati Abas, Senior Vice President of PT Honda Prospect Motor, Jonfis Fandy as Marketing and After Sales Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor and Shigeto Kimura as Marketing Director of PT Astra Honda Motor.

"What we show at the Honda Gallery is something that only Honda can do, because we have realized the dream through high-tech innovations for mobility on land, sea to air," said Takehiro Watanabe, President Director of PT HPM in Jakarta, Tuesday 10/4).

NSX is a Honda supercar that features performance engines and hybrid technology. While the Civic Type R is the 10th generation Civic.

Honda RC213V-S itself is a replica of Marc Marquez racing motorcycles in MotoGP which became the version of the highway. The motorcycle relies on a 999cc capacity engine capable of generating 156.9 horsepower at 11,000 rpm and 102 Nm of torque at 10,500 rpm.

Jonfis explained that the Honda Gallery did not accept orders from consumers, including indents for the Honda NSX that has not been launched in Indonesia.

"Consumers who want to pivot our car will be directed to the dealers are available.For NSX we just record who is interested in buying," lid Jonfis.

Explanation of EQ Power Mercedes-Benz cars

The cars are predicted to be more environmentally friendly in the future. Therefore, various global car manufacturers are competing to produce low-emission car exhaust, one of Mercedes-Benz.

In the event of Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2018, the German manufacturer introduced the EQ brand for Indonesia market, previously introduced through the Generation EQ concept car in the Paris Motor Show in 2016.

The name EQ has the meaning of "Electric Intelligence" derived from the values adopted Mercedes-Benz, namely "emotion and intelligence". This brand new brand covers all aspects of electric mobility that focus on the customer and also goes beyond the vehicle itself.

"The EQ technology comes from the values embraced by the Mercedes-Benz brand.This is a rare and proud moment for us, where we can introduce a brand new under the Mercedes-Benz portfolio that also includes Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Maybach, "said Roelof Lamberts, President and CEO of PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia, yesterday.

MBDI believes that the EQ brand will bring its company forward to the future of mobility through emphasis and innovation in connectivity, autonomous driving capabilities and shared services.

"Through this technology, we reiterate that Mercedes-Benz is, and will always be, a pioneering brand in the automotive industry, just as it was when we created motor vehicles more than 130 years ago," explains Roelof Lamberts.

EQ technology itself is embedded in the E 350 e plug-in hybrid. The premium car combines a 9G-TRONIC plug-in hybrid transmission and the latest generation of electric motors ensures the highest value in fuel consumption, ride comfort, and vehicle dynamics.

The latest power electronics technology enables increased power and electric motor torque of up to 65 kW (88 hp) and 440 nm. While the Mercedes-Benz E 350 e itself already has a power of 210 kW (286 hp) and torque of 550 nm.

Monster car - El Toro Loco Specs

El Toro Loco, the car 'monster' also enliven Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2018. With the body of the pickup model and has a horn, this car torn into the center of attention of the visitors.

This car is intentionally imported to IIMS so that the people of Indonesia know the usual car participate Monster Jam championship in the US.

In history, El Toro Loco was produced by SFX and PACE Motorsport in 2002 and was one of the first monsters to wear a 3D body frame with horns on its roof. The design on El Toro Loco was originally made for the Bulldozer but was later used for El Toro Loco.

Behind the unusual body shape, the El Toro Loco turns the engine capacity of 8,800 cc V8 with a maximum power of 1,000 horsepower for the exhibition version as it performs at IIMS 2018 which runs until 29 April.

El Toro Loco is actually to follow the championship in the United States using a 1,600-horsepower engine.

"But when in action, both show and race in the United States, the power can reach 1,600 DK.Using alcohol fuel, El Toro Loco spent 30-35 liters of alcohol for action for 12-15 minutes," in a written statement.

Its large dimensions make El Toro Loco weighs up to 5 tons. One contributor weight is a tire size of 66 inches with a weight of 350-400 kg for 1 tire. Some actions that can be done in the Monster Jam competition are wheelie and flip.

Another interesting side is the El Toro Loco only save one seat with a position in the middle to maximize the driver's eyes.

The body and large tires used by El Toro Loco are supported by the adequate suspension. On each wheel, there are four shock breakers that will actively work while doing the attraction.

To support the driver's safety, this car is equipped with a 7-point safety belt, also has an additional device that is a remote control that can turn off the engine in anticipation if the car burned during the action.

Sell 900 units of cars, mitsubhisi join IIMS 2018

Mitsubishi has sold 900 units of vehicles during the six days of Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2018.

Head of Communications and CSR Mitsubishi Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) Intan Vidiasari said the figure was dominated by Mitsubishi's two mainstay products, Pajero Sport and Xpander.

"Domination is still Pajero Sport and Xpander, each 400 thousand units, but sorry, I have not yet held the details," said Intan when met at JiExpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (24/4).

As for the data per five days, IIMS recorded sales data reached 799 units. Pajero Sport contributed 383 units, while Pajero Sports Rockford only two units.

MAXIMUM sales figures for five days IIMS reached 368 units. While Triton calculated as many as 30 units, Mirage and Outlander Sport each pack nine units.

Head of Sales and Marketing Group MMKSI Imam Choeur Cahya admitted satisfied with these achievements, especially when viewing Xpander sales figures during IIMS 2018.

Even so, he said it would not be negligent and continue to be wary of the movement of product sales competitors.

"So frankly if we see still quite optimistic, but we should not be careless, the competitors must remain wary," said Imam on the same occasion.

Throughout the 2018 IIMS event, Mitsubishi set a target of selling 2,000 units with 50 percent of them coming from Xpander. That number increased from the target in a similar event a year ago.

"Last year we can achieve the target and the number of 1800 units," said Director of Sales and Marketing MMKSI Irwan Kuncoro

Amazing facts about spare parts and car care

Cars have become one of the important things in human life because by using the car we can move from place A to place B without worrying with the weather outside be it rain, heat, fog etc. The car also does not only carry 1 or 2 people even the car can bring a large family though, but that does not mean the car is an object that will not be damaged and does not require maintenance, here are the unique facts about car spare parts and maintenance:

Car glass cleaners are created by women.

In 1903, Mary Anderson invented Cleanser for car winds which later became a standard feature for all cars in the 1920s. Mary got the inspiration for the discovery while visiting New York City and saw how a driver had to get his hands out of the car to clean the windshield with a rubber cleaner, which then came up with the idea of making car windshields more efficient. Even now there have been various types of car windshield cleaners.

About 1 Billion oil is replaced for 1 year.

There are about 10 millions of vehicles in America and research proves that Americans change their vehicle oil by about a billion oils every year. Of course, vehicles such as trucks and sedans require different amounts of oil, but if combined then all vehicles in America spend more than 1 billion gallons of oil each year, to overcome the demand for oil it is not uncommon then oil in recycling let it be reused.
Anti locked brakes are about 50 years old.

These auto parts are now the standard component of almost every new vehicle in release and the technology is the best security tool installed in the car. But do you know the fact that anti locked brakes have been discovered about 50 years ago by a British engineer and used for production in 1966? Still at that time anti locked brake technology is still too expensive for car manufacturers to make.


The average horse can have about 70% of the total power generated by the horsepower unit. For example, if it says that your vehicle has 150 horsepower, in reality, equal to the total power given by 200 horses.


An airbag will automatically swell when the vehicle is impacted or hit by something, this is intended to keep the driver and the passengers. However, some people will be killed by asphyxiation so the airbag will also endanger human safety sometimes, in some cases modern cars have special mechanisms that can detect if the children are in the front seat, then they will disable the airbag automatically to protect the child. But even then we can not deny that the invention of the airbag created by Mercedes has saved many lives.

Thus the unique facts about car spare parts and maintenance, do not forget to do regular maintenance on your car in order to enjoy a fun and safe driving experience. Be sure to go to the auto shop if you need a repair on your car to be handled by a professional. Hopefully the above unique facts helpful.

2 types of future motors will be published

It seems not only crowded about how the car technology in the future, because the two-wheeled one, which is no less exciting motorcycle to imagine how his future fate.

In fact, there is no need to wait too long, let alone to fantasize using a time machine to peek into the shape of the motor in the future. Because there are two types of future motors that ..., both unique.

Honda Ridding Assist-e, Anti Fall

Is a Honda manufacturer who is preparing to showcase his latest work called Ridding Assist-e, a motor that has self-balancing technology alias can balance itself.

So, baseball would modal again death the more cool cornering suddenly depletes because there is no traction and balance because this bike can simply make the two wheels still tread on the asphalt. Anti falls.

There is a Gyroscope that is placed on the bottom of the motor, to then connect with a battery to be powered by electricity to activate the magnetic field, resulting in balance conditions.

This motor will be on display at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017, and of course, Carmudi Indonesia is present there will provide a review for you.

Hoverbike, Flyable Patrol Motor

Well, the second is Hoverbike. This one is more Gosselin again because the bike can fly! Yes, this flying motor is planned to be used by the Police in Dubai for roadway patrol, sadistic!

Try the motor is in Indonesia to pack Patwal, yes, so baseball need to escort to enter the highway, just fly it to deal with emergency conditions stuck in the middle of congestion.

Like the drone, controlled no longer use the handlebars, but the joystick.

"The Russian company designed this bike to fly at a height of 5 meters with a police officer to break through traffic jams during an emergency," said Sergeant Ali Ahmad Mohammad, as reported by Gulf News.

The utility and range are tolerable, can patrol while flying for 25 minutes and carry a load of 300 kg. It's not speeding-speeding, but the speed of 70 kph is enough.

Russian-made motorcycle company, Hoversurf, is on display at Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) or Gulf Information Technology Exhibition.

Check out his video when tested Police in Dubai:


Motor Expensive is already in the message 5 people in Indonesia

Honda Motor launches Honda Gold Wing 2018 in the arena of Indonesia International Motor Show or IIMS 2018. The first stage of marketing, AHM will import it from Japan as many as 10 units.

Marketing Director of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), Thomas Wijaya, revealed that the import of the Gold Wing motorcycle from Sakura State in the first phase will also be divided back into several sections. "The initial 10 units, but can be broken down into several stages," said Thomas, Thursday, April 19, 2018.

He said it does not set a special target associated with the sale of two-wheeled vehicles Gold Wing. Even so, he continued, there are already 5 potential buyers at this time.

The company has opened a pivot booking for the vehicle which is one of the highest variants of Honda's global motor. therefore, he continued, the community can already start making reservations pivot.

Honda Gold Wing comes with 2 color options, namely candy ardent red and pearl glare white which is marketed at the price on the road (OTR) DKI Jakarta Rp1, 01 billion. The model was marketed exclusively in 11 Big Wing showrooms in 9 major cities in Indonesia.

Then, AHM also presents Honda genuine accessories (HGA) to add the pride and luxury of 12V accessory socket, rider backrest, tall windscreen, air deflector, motorcycle cover, DCT foot shifter and LED foglights available in Big Wing Honda showroom and marketed with HET (Highest Retail Price) Rp250.000-Rp12.100.000.

The special services were developed in 7 major cities in cooperation with 8 main dealers namely Astra Motor Jakarta and PT Wahana Makmur Sejati (DKI Jakarta), PT Daya Adicipta Mulia (Bandung - West Java), Astra Motor Semarang (Semarang - Central Java), Astra Motor Jogja (DIY Yogyakarta), MPM Surabaya (Surabaya - East Java), Astra Motor Denpasar (Denpasar - Bali), and Astra Motor Makassar (Makassar - South Sulawesi).

This currency is made based on Indonesian currency = Rupiah
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